Should You Hire an Employment Law Attorney?


There are numerous occasions in which you may need to consult with an employment law attorney. Whether you plan to file a lawsuit against an employer or simply have questions, the employment law attorney orlando fl is the perfect person to consult for accurate, detailed information. But, exactly what would warrant a call to an employment law attorney?

Discrimination Lawsuit

If an employer discriminates against you based upon race, religion, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or other anti-discriminatory laws, call a lawyer at once. Discrimination may occur in the form of reduced work hours, being let go from the job, or even words, jokes, or gestures.

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Working Without Pay

Have you been asked to work off the clock? Any time that you are at work you should be on the clock, earning a wage for the work. It is against federal law for an employer to ask an employee to work off the clock. If you’ve been asked to perform work duties off the clock, consult an attorney.

Call a Lawyer Today

There are many reasons why a lawyer may be needed after a dispute or discrepancy with your employer. The reasons above are among the many. In most situations, employers have the right to terminate an employee for any reason. However, they may not violate laws or commit any of the above acts. You have rights and should talk to a lawyer if you feel those rights have been violated.

A lawyer is there to protect your rights in a time of need. There is no cost to consult with an attorney to learn more about your matter and whether or not you have a case. There is no obligation to hire an attorney to discuss your case. You should do everything possible to protect your employment rights.